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The PHILOSOPHY required for success in the inspection industry is embodied in our Code of Ethics to which all members subscribe and will be held accountable.

1.1 Members SHALL discharge their duties with fidelity to the public, their clients, and with fairness and impartiality to all and shall respect and recognize the rights, individuality and dignity of individuals and not knowingly discriminate or permit discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion.

1.2 Every effort SHALL be made to avoid a conflict of interest. The member shall have absolutely no vested interest in the outcome of the report. The inspection may not be used as a vehicle to deliberately obtain additional work in another field.

1.3 Member Inspectors shall NOT overly scrutinize the property. The Inspectors opinion shall only be based on their education, experience, and honest convictions. The purpose of an NBI Certified Inspection is to objectively state the conditions of the property so that the buyer can make an informed purchase decision.

1.4 Member Inspectors SHALL address the “Durability” and “Serviceability” of the components of a property as outlined in the NBI Report Forms and shall NOT be used to determine the “Desirability” or value of a property.

1.5 Members shall NOT make repairs or give repair estimates for any condition found on an inspected property or offer an appraisal or opinion of the market value of the inspected property.

1.6 All members agree to submit to binding arbitration any disputes concerning the practice of their profession.

1.7 Member Inspectors SHALL fully disclose the scope of the inspection work, the fee structure and make no false representations regarding services or qualifications.

1.8 Member Inspectors SHALL refrain from making derogatory comments of other members or members of related professions in the real estate or inspection community. High professional standards of integrity and performance are guiding principles.

1.9 It shall be a violation of the code of Ethics for a member of the Board of Directors to take a position as a Witness against an NBI member

1.10 A member will NOT disclose any information concerning the results of the inspection without the approval of the client.

1.11 A member shall NOT accept compensation from more than one interested party for the same service.

1.12 A member shall NOT accept nor offer commissions or allowances, rebates, kickbacks, or gifts, directly or indirectly, from other parties to induce referrals or reciprocity in the practice of their business beyond items of nominal value given as part of advertising or normal conduct of business.

1.13 Members SHALL always advertise and seek business according to the NBI Advertising Guidelines and shall not engage in false or misleading advertising or otherwise misrepresent any matters to the public.

1.14 A member SHALL execute work in conformity with federal, state, and local laws, maintain all necessary licenses and qualifications, and refuse to be a party to any action that violates these regulations.

1.15 Members SHALL make every effort to uphold, maintain, and improve the professional integrity, reputation and practice of the inspection industry.

1.16 Members are committed to ongoing professional development and continuing education as established by National Building Inspections.