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Pest Inspection

Our inspections are conducted throughout all Australian capital cities including greater Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart Perth and Brisbane. Different building type such as house, villa, townhouse, unit, apartment building inspection are conducted by our experienced trade qualified building inspectors and surveyors.

What's a building and pest inspection?

Statistics show 20% of Australian homes have termite activities. And termite damages are typically not covered by most home insurance in Australia.

We conduct pest inspections across all capital cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. A pest inspection is completed by our professional and accredited pest inspectors who assess your prospective property’s likelihood or existence of pest infestation.

Area that we check includes but not limited to:

• sub floor

• roof voids

• outbuildings such as sheds

• fences

• stumps

• retaining walls

• basements

• gardens

• land surrounding the house

Pest inspections by a qualified and licensed pest inspector will review the following:

• Current termite, borer or pest activity

• Evidence of any past activity

• Any previous treatments that may have been applied to the home

• Damage to the timber in all areas of the house

• Recommendations and/or techniques to implement, which can help prevent any future unwanted visitors.

Lead Inspector

Mac Beshai

Ann Wang
Ann Wang
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Our NBI inspector took his time to do a thorough inspection and answer all our questions afterwards. It was great value for prospective buyer like us. Have to give them 5 stars.
Lily Chammile
Lily Chammile
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We used NBI after a friend recommended them to us for our pre-sale inspection of the property and they have been fantastic. Their website was easy to use and all the information you need was laid out clearly. No hidden costs whatsoever. The inspector completed their inspection and the report came out the same day.
Davinder R
Davinder R
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I had a new house stage inspections done through national building inspections and it was a great experience. They did detailed reports with photos and all the defects were masking taped so it was easy to identify and reinspect after rectification. Really professional and I would recommend them to anyone that wants a unbiased inspection report during construction.
Marco Gracie
Marco Gracie
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Good service at the right price. he was very detailed and save us from buying a lemon. I would highly recommend.
Cindy Park
Cindy Park
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Mac did such an outstanding job with the entire inspection. He scheduled with my agent from start to finish and come up with a detailed report. I am very happy with his work.
Dona Williams
Dona Williams
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Allan is prompt, professional and he communicates well with us. He explains his findings with figures and facts that enabled us to make an informed decision.
Rand Pugh
Rand Pugh
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Their followup is fantastic!

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