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1 Access hole (cover)
An opening in flooring or ceiling or other part of a structure (such as service hatch,
removable panel) to allow for entry to carry out an inspection, maintenance or repair.

2 Accessible area
An area of the site where sufficient, safe and reasonable access is available to allow
inspection within the scope of the inspection.

3 Appearance defect
Fault or deviation from the intended appearance of a building element.

4 Building element
Portion of a building that, by itself or in combination with other such parts, fulfils a
characteristic function.
NOTE: For example supporting, enclosing, furnishing or servicing building space.

5 Client
The person or other entity for whom the inspection is being carried out.

6 Defect
Fault or deviation from the intended condition of a material, assembly, or component.

7 Inspection
Close and careful scrutiny of a building carried out without dismantling, in order to arrive
at a reliable conclusion as to the condition of the building.

8 Inspector
Person or organization responsible for carrying out the inspection.

9 Limitation
Any factor that prevents full or proper inspection of the building.

10 Major defect
A defect of sufficient magnitude where rectification has to be carried out in order to avoid
unsafe conditions, loss of utility or further deterioration of the property.

11 Minor defect
A defect other than a major defect.

12 Serviceability defect
Fault or deviation from the intended serviceability performance of a building element.

13 Significant item
An item that is to be reported in accordance with the scope of the inspection.

14 Structural defect
Fault or deviation from the intended structural performance of a building element.

15 Structural element
Physically distinguishable part of a structure.
NOTE: For example wall, columns, beam, connection.

16 Subfloor space
Space between the underside of a suspended floor and the ground.

17 Roof space
Space between the roof covering and the ceiling immediately below the roof covering.

18 Site
Allotment of land on which a building stands or is to be erected.